Certified Kinesio Taping: Kinesio Taping for Motion, Stability, & Relaxation


The doctors at Triangle Chiropractic are certified in Kinesio Taping. Commonly used in Professional Athletics, Kinesio Taping allows for a full range of motion, providing stability for rehabilitation, increased circulation and muscle relaxation. Not only is Taping effective in reduction of swelling and inflammation, but it also decreases pain intensity.

Conditions such as strains or sprains, tendinitis or tennis elbow can be treated effectively with Kinesio Taping; it helps increase awareness of a weak muscle, decrease tension on an active muscle and decrease pain sensitivity. A muscle’s failure to properly function is a likely cause of your sport injury, and Kinesio Taping will help you heal more quickly and discourage re-injury.

As there are no vacations from an active lifestyle, the Kinesio Taping professionals at Triangle Chiropractic will help you stay in the game. Encouraging continued activity, the Taping allows you to function normally without impeding your movement or progress.