Olivia Davis

Olivia Florence DavisMy Purpose

Massage is my meditation. I strive to be 100% present with each client. My skill and experience mean that every stroke is meaningful, I waste no time on fluff.

My Journey

I have been practicing massage for over 20 years, in Arizona, Mexico D.F. and now in North Carolina. I was trained in Swedish massage, trigger-point therapy and myofascial release at The Desert Institute of Healing Arts in Tucson, Arizona in 1996. The standard of classes and instructors of this 1000+ hour program was exceptional. Even after years of continuing education, I still find myself drawing on the fundamentals I learned at DIHA.

To further my interest in the healthcare field, I pursued a career in medicine in 1998 while living in Central Mexico. After two years of studying allopathic medicine, I returned to the United States to focus on the holistic approach to health and healing.

My Method

In addition to relaxation and pain relief, therapeutic massage at my Carrboro practice can reset the body’s nervous system, reminding every cell in the body of what true wellness feels like. My body is very sensitive to subtle energies and I receive input in form of visual/audial messages and vibrations. This intuitive knowing by feeling guides me in my work with each client during their treatment. At the beginning of every session, I connect with the client’s “Inner Physician” or “Innate Wisdom” to guide me through the session for the client’s highest healing. I aspire to give the best experience possible for the client, encouraging them to rely on their body’s wisdom to recall this state of wellness in their day-to-day lives.

My Education

The Desert Institute of Healing Arts : Massage Therapy 1996

La Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos(UAEM) Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico : Medical Coursework 1998-2000

The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona :
B.A. Spanish and Portuguese 2002

I devour continuing education like some devour chocolate! My education is on-going!